Pre-order christmas cards

It is that time of the year again, the catchy Christmas songs, sitting around the fire, cosy days with family and of course Christmas cards. To not only be good to our fellow human beings but also to the planet during this time of year, these Christmas cards are printed on recycled paper. 

In each pack you will find 4 different folded postcards hand painted by me and printed on recycled paper. Choose design 1 or 2 (or both ;)) and state the amount of sets in the form below. 

Let's all aim for a great and good christmas, for us and for the planet!

Merry Christmas!

Pre-order recycled Christmas cards now and get a discount!

1 set of 4 cards for €4,50.

* State how many sets (one set consist of 4 different cards)       you want of design 1 and design 2.

* Leave your phone number if you want to receive a Tikkie     (Dutch orders only), all others receive an email with the     receipt and a bank account number. 

* Payment need to be made before 5th of December, if not    received, order will be cancelled.

* Cards will be shipped 7th of December.

* Shipping costs apply, depending on country of     destination.

©2019 by Illustrations by Esther.