I could not have done it without you! Recap of 2020.

What a year it was. This Covid-19 pandemic stirred up our lives like not much has before. But besides a highly contagious disease, there was more to 2020. Hold your horses for my recap of 2020.

Highlights of 2020.

2020 was a inspirational year. All in all I created over 250 paintings and illustrations, some good and some not so good. Practise makes perfect right? Also, besides the usual watercolors and materials, I invested in an Ipad Pro. Creating digital illustrations is a new path for me but so far I keep practising and enjoy learning this new skill.

Another great highlight was that you all together placed 191 orders! Like seriously, I still can't believe so many people like to buy what I create. It is such a big compliment, THANK YOU!

Also, for those who follow me on Instagram, you know I don't like it at all to go to shops to ask if they want to sell my stuff. BUT, I did it (multiple times, most of them said no, haha...) and now my Groningen cards are for sale at the Groninger Forum. Such an honor!

Donations in 2020

For me personally it is very important that I can help good causes with the work that I make. Art can be a way to generate awareness or raise money for actual problems and topics and therefore create impact in some kind of way. Besides donating money to charities, I have strong values towards being an environmental friendly small business. No plastic and mostly recycled paper or biotop paper is not an exception but normality.

In January 2020 I used the sales my watercolor koala-art print as a way to raise money for the Australian organisation WIRES. WIRES is an organisation that helps the Australian wildlife in need. Eventually almost 300 euro have been raised! And this also led to my tv debut (more about it here). With every large print (A4) 5 euro was raised and with every small print (A5) 2.5 euro was raised.

Also, in december 2020 I stumbled upon the Christmas card initiative of Indebuurt Groningen. They asked local inhabitants to write christmas cards to elderly in elderly homes. First I wanted to write some cards myself, but together with Indebuurt Groningen we made another plan. I donated christmas cards and children from a local primary school could write them. Eventually the cards have been delivered to the elderly. An article about this can be read here (in Dutch).

Moreover, the local initiative GoeieBuurt created christmas boxes full or local goodies last december. These christmas boxes have been delivered to people in the neighbourhood who are caretakers for their family or relatives. Also for this initiative some christmas cards have been donated.

Christmas is a time of sharing, and unfortunately health is unequally distributed among people in this world. Even in the Netherlands there is more poverty than most people are aware of. QUIET goes against this quiet poverty by communicating and raising awareness. With the sales of two different sets of christmas cards, 75 euro has been raised and donated to QUIET.

Besides donating 1 euro for every sold card set, these cards have also been printed on recycled paper or paper made from grass that grows on empty plots in the Netherlands. They came in sets of 4 cards with 4 recycled envelops and shipped without plastic.

Thank you so much for last year, I could not have done it without you all!

With love,





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